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Guide Services

Guide Services in Myanmar

Asia Blossom Travels & Tours arrange Language Guide Service. Throughout guide, Spot guide. Study guide and Business guide can be booked in advance. The guide fee varies on language, number of travelers and low-season/high-season.

Tour Guide Service

We are offering tour guide services in many languages for our customers. Our guides are here to make guests understand more about Myanmar’s customs,cultures and at least, to be nearer to our peoples’ hearts and minds.

Why you need a guide when you visit a foreign country.

When visiting a foreign country, the language guides can make your stay more meaningful. Their poignant explanations about the place you are visit will be more than what the travel bookscan mention.

Services provided by our guides.

On arrival at Yangon International Airport, the main entrance to Myanmar, you will be welcome by our guides with warmth and sincerity. They will take care of foreign currency exchange,  getting  local mobile phone sim cards,explaining local customs and in time of medical emergencies will assist you  at the medical clinics.

What language guides we can provide.

We provide licensed Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Thai, Korean, German and English speaking professional guides.


Kinds of guides.

There are three kinds of guides that we can provide:-

The tour guide welcoming you at Yangon International Airport, the main entrance to Myanmar, will accompany you to other towns and places. All expenses, such as air/train/bus/boat tickets, meals, accommodation are paid by the customer.

There are licensed guides in other towns too.

Mostly at main tourist destinations, e.g. Mandalay, Bagan, Inle, etc.

The guides stationed at those places will welcome and guide you around their place.

After sightseeing the whole day, some tourist likes to enjoy night life in places they are visiting. We provide male night guides if the day guides are female guides.
Mostly night time activities are in Yangon.

Note : *Please note that Language Guides are in limited numbers.If you need a guide, we recommend you to book one month in advancefor the guide.*