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Ecotourism sites

Please have a look at Myanmar on the world map, you can guess Myanmar has richest biodiversity in South – East Asia, favourable for Ecotourism. There are several National Parks and wild life sanctuaries that tourist can enjoy. Elephant ride, Bird watching, collecting insects and plants while trekking or hiking.

Hkakaborazi National Park (Kachin State) Allocated as ASEAN Heritage Parks, it is in the northern most part of Myanmar, at the foot of the snow-capped Mt. Hkakaborazi. It has the highest elevation of ecotourism sites in Southeast Asia. The park offers trekking and mountain climbing. Travelers can also watch the rare fauna and hundreds of species of birds.

Hkakaborazi National Park (Kachin State)


Located as ASEAN Heritage parks, it is in THE Northern most part of Myanmar, at the foot of the snow – capped Mt. Hkakaborazi, has the highest elevation of any ecotourism site in Southeast Asia. The part offers trekking and mounting climbing. Travellers can also watch the rare fauna and hundreds of species of birds.

Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park (Sagaing Division)

alaungdaw-kathapaOne of the rim sites in Myanmar on the ASEAN Heritage Parks list. Recreation activities are trekking and elephant riding. About 100 species of butterflies, elephants, tigers, deer and a variety of rare bird species can be found in the 621 square – mile park.

Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (Kachin State)


The largest inland lake in Southeast Asia is surrounded with monsoon forests and wetlands. Indawgyi Lake is the natural dwelling place for jungle cats, rare butterflies, turtles and about 170 species of resident and migratory birds.

Myeik Archipelago


Located in southern most part of Myanmar, Myeik Archipelago has pristine water and beautiful coral reefs. It is a world-class dive site with 800 islands; many of the islands are uninhabited. Lampi National Park listed as an ASEAN Heritage Site is on the main island Lampi. The Salon or Moken (sea gypsies) are the only human inhabitants of the region.

Moe Yongyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary

moeyongyiMoe Yongyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary More than 30 species of migratory birds hibernate every year in this wetland sanctuary and it is the habitat of thousands of birds, including more than 40 species of water fowl. Just three hours drive from Yangon, Moe Yongyi Wetland Sanctuary is the favourite place for bird watchers.

Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp

myaing-hay-wunLocated in Taikkyi Township, about 72 miles, three hours drive from Yangon. This elephant camp offers more than elephant rides. Elephants being captured and domesticated can be witnessed. Visitors also have the option of observing a variety of wildlife, including deer, wild cats, bears, peafowl and lizards.

Pho Kyar Elephant Camp

phokyarLocated in Yedashe Township. Distance from Yangon to Taungoo is 175 miles (about 7 hours drive) and from Taungoo to elephant camp is 26 miles (about 1 hour drive). Pho Kyar Elephant camp has demonstrations showing how these animals are captured and domesticated. Visitors can enjoy a ride on elephants and watch working elephants in action.